Fathers, More Active At Home, Remain Active Radio Lovers.

Here’s a happy coincidence for radio: fathers today have a much more active role in the household than in generations previous, and those fathers are significant fans of radio. This last bit of info comes from a collective of research in a new post on the Radio Advertising Bureau’s Radio Impact Reports blog titled “Men are Shopping, Buying and Listening.”

In recent years a number of studies and articles have pointed out the increasing impact Millennial males have on purchases for everything from food to personal care. While this may be true, it is because the role that men play in today’s American families has changed and continues to change, the RAB says.

The number of stay-at-home and single fathers has grown significantly in recent decades, ranging from 215,000 to 1.3 million, according to various studies. And looking more broadly, in total, in the U.S., there are nearly 120 million men 18+.

According to GfK MRI data, 83% of adult men listen to AM or FM radio or streams, and 52% have visited the website of a radio station, radio station program or personality, according to the RAB post, which adds, “You can reach them through radio anytime and anyplace.” Digging deeper, the same research reveals that 46% of listening is at home, 49% is in the car and 64% while working over the course of a week.

Among media, radio is by far most preferred. In the last 7 days, according to Scarborough USA+, 90% of men 18+ have listened to radio, compared to 82% watching broadcast TV, 78% watching non-premium cable and 70% accessing the internet via mobile phones. Closer to the bottom are Pandora (26%), satellite radio (15%) and Spotify (10%).

Sports is tops with guys, but other radio formats reaching more than 50% of the audience include adult hits, news/talk, classic hits, rock, classical and variety, along with various Hispanic/Spanish formats.

Regarding their habits, 91% belong to a gym, 91% work from home, 93% have used personal injury attorneys and 92% have an accountant. At least 90% have shopped at a Hispanic grocery store, an office supply store, a pet store, a clothing or home accessory store and a hardware, paint or lawn and garden store. Says the RAB, “Radio reaches male shoppers of all kinds.”

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