Stone Throwing Severely Disrupts Traffic After “Landgrab” Row – Protesters have been throwing rocks at cars as violent protests escalate in the Lenasia, Johannesburg

The African Way, always space for one more, even if it involves sheep! Police recover 30 stolen sheep in taxi in Eastern Cape – 5 suspects arrested

UN Report: Over 500,000 people murdered in SA since 1994 – ANC’s SA has one of the highest murder rates in the world at 36 per 100,000 people!

Soweto’s huge debt burden amounts to more than R17 billion, where illegal power connections are more the rule than the exception in residential areas

Warning for Drivers for the holidays: Here are the busiest roads – and days – to travel in December

Attacks on elderly getting more brutal each week – Elderly woman’s face crushed in after savage farm attack in Free State

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